Archaeologists narrow dating of Jerusalem structure to time of Herod the Great

Jesus might have walked over the structure that has been the source of scholarly debate.

Jerusalem’s ancient Tombs of the Kings site reopens

Archaeological site was closed for a decade of renovations and months of pandemic.

‘Holy Fire’ documentary on Holy Sepulchre features Arab Christian communities

The short film comes during the Holy Sepulchre's first closing since the Black Plague.

Locating Golgotha: The authentic site of Christ’s Crucifixion

Archaeological findings suggest we've known the correct location for over 1,600 years.

These two young French pilgrims spent a year walking to Jerusalem

They traveled by foot from their native France to the Holy Land, living on little more than the generosity of strangers.

Holy Land’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher will now be closed indefinitely

The site of the crucifixion and resurrection will be closed for Easter and beyond.

2,000-year-old Roman square open to public view in Jerusalem

The site explores the extensive evidence left behind by the kingdoms of the past.

Experts begin “mapping” ancient floor of Holy Sepulchre

Millions have walked site of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection over the centuries.

Jerusalem excavation uncovers marketplace from Jesus’ time

The team unearthed an ancient table for measuring liquids.

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