No-Yell, No-Spank Discipline? Right!

Amanda Tipton Photography

Yes, VIrginia, there is a way to discipline kids without resorting to violence and intimidation.

And yes, my kids have laughed at me when I put them in time out. And screamed, kicked, and said all kids of nasty things. But I put them in time out anyway, and they stay there until they change their attitude, and until I’m ready to be a good parent to them. When older kids complain about the essay I’ve assigned them, they get to write a longer essay. There are no privileges until the essay is complete—no extracurricular activities, no screens, no meals, no playing with siblings, etc.

Pray with and for your children, every day. God gave these children to you–not to anyone else. He will give you the grace to discipline them appropriately, but we must be faithful in prayer. When you don’t know what to do with a child, start by loving them. Then pray.

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