Faith is at the heart of this new state-of-the-art medical clinic in Haiti


Thanks to the dedication of charity workers from Haiti180, isolated villagers will get the medical care they need.

Since the terrible earthquake in 2010 that saw over 100,000 people die, stories out of Haiti have been heartbreaking: the plight of so many orphaned children, hundreds of thousands of Haitians left homeless, the deadly Hurricane Matthew, a cholera epidemic, and the country’s infrastructure in ruins. Yet, when disaster strikes there are always people inspired to help their brothers and sisters in need. The team at Haiti180 are an example of this.

The group’s aim, according to its founder and president, Sean Forrest, is to fill the lives of Haitian children and the poor with love and joy, while proclaiming God’s love. After building facilities such as schools, a children’s home, and a home for the elderly, the charity has now taken a big step to help heal the physical needs of some of the islanders by building a modern medical center. The center just opened recently and is a testimony to the dedication of the charity’s workers and the kind donations of those wanting to help improve the life of the Haitian people. As Forrest shares on the charity’s website: “We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and together, we can turn it around.”

In the video of the clinic’s grand opening below, you’ll see how the islanders’ faith is at the heart of Haiti180. With a Mass held by the organizations’s co-founder, Fr. Louis Merosne, in a temporary church before the opening, you can feel the hope and gratitude of those who will receive medical care at the clinic.

With its modern facilities, including a room reserved especially for laboring moms-to-be, the St. Mother Teresa Medical Clinic brings a great sense of relief to the inhabitants of Duverger and Dandann, who previously gave birth in run-down huts.

The day begins with a priest blessing the patients and the clinic’s staff. With this gesture, in this state-of-the-art clinic, there is already a spirit of healing. With two doctors and three nurses to treat approximately 60 patients a day, people wait patiently and respectfully until they can be helped.

In line with Haiti180’s mission, the clinic will turn around the lives of its future patients who can receive comfort when they are sick or in need, without having to travel long distances to other medical centers. It’s part of the wider ministry of Haiti180, which seeks to bring God’s love, healing and hope to rural Haitians.