Couple married 52 years finally hug after coronavirus separates them for a month


You can’t help but be moved by the sweetness of these two, whose only wish after all these years is to be with each other.

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A hospital in Cremona, in northern Italy, has shared emotion-filled images of an elderly couple embracing each other in a hospital room.

Giorgio, the husband, had been hospitalized there since March 17 for coronavirus-related pneumonia. This sweet and kind man had only one worry: how much he missed his wife Rosa, who stayed at home. After 52 years of marriage, the two can’t do without each other.

Back at home, Rosa suddenly showed the symptoms of needing an urgent (but not life-threatening) surgical intervention, so she was hospitalized in another ward of the same hospital.

She quickly recovered, and when she was ready to be discharged, the heads of the two wards decided to give the couple an extraordinary surprise: They arranged for them to meet for a few minutes, so they could exchange hugs and loving words.

The hospital staff who were present were deeply moved by what they saw. Face to face, the white-haired spouses hugged each other and murmured to each other while their hands held each other’s faces as if to say, “There you are, it’s really you. Let’s not separate again!” It was a great boost to Giorgio’s recovery. He can’t wait to return home where, in addition to Rosa, he is anxiously awaited by Willy, the dog who has been a cheerful bright spot in the couple’s lives for 17 years.

Dr. Manuela Denti said, “It was one of those encounters that you can’t forget. None of us could hold back the tears. A long hug, sweet words, 10 minutes of tenderness and the desire to assure themselves of each other’s health. The only regret is that we were unable to discharge them together. Let’s hope that Giorgio will soon join Rosa.”

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