Infertility: A prayer to recite when anger and despair take over your heart


Couples struggling with infertility are often faced with an emotional roller-coaster.

Infertility is a heartbreaking experience for many couples and the pain of it cannot be underestimated.  Only God has the power to entrust a child to its parents, but such couples may perceive their inability to conceive as a deep affront to their hopes and dreams. God is not responsible for this pain, but the path He destined for them may involve a shift in thinking.  So, what can they do to avoid feeling bitter and resentful? 

Navigating through life and prayer

They must search deep within their wounded souls and find the strength to look elsewhere: enjoy life despite this pain and prevent their couple from breaking up. This resolve must be manifested in words, deeds and consideration they show for one another:

“Lord, we will follow Thee anywhere,

but don’t let happiness forsake our souls;

Send the Holy Spirit and give us a little joy 

 as we wait to be consoled by Heaven.” 

It will take time, but one day this prayer will be answered, especially if it’s also recited by friends and family in times when the couple feels too discouraged. The fraternal solidarity will become a reality, once the topic of someone else’s children stops dominating conversations at parties and dinners with friends. This is bound to happen because of thoughtfulness that always exists between those who love one other.

Vencent de Mello