Boko Haram

Some Regions of Nigeria Now Devoid of Christians

Bishop of Maiduguri requests emergency Western intervention.

Does the West Need to Intervene in Nigeria’s Terrorism Issue? Bishops Say Yes

“We are dealing with a group that has lost all rationality and has an insatiable desire to kill people," an archbishop says.

Boko Haram Threatening to Overthrow Northeast Nigeria

Catholic Bishop calls for international intervention

In Nigeria, Islamist Attack Takes Far More Lives Than Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Some media estimate the death toll at 2000, with churches burned.

Bomb Attack on Mosque Shows Boko Haram Broadening Its Objectives

Terrorist attack in Nigeria left at least 120 dead and 270 wounded.

Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen and Teen Suicide Bombers Wreak Havoc in Nigeria

Militants has begun using women, who can cover the explosives with their hijabs.

Archbishop Kaigama to Politicians: Stop Squabbling and Fight Boko Haram

Approved strategy on terrorist group is "completely unreasonable"

In Nigeria, New Attacks and Another 60 Girls Kidnapped

The possibility of a truce with Boko Haram vanishes

Nigeria: Report Chibok Girl Freed, Identity Doubts

Police say girl freed by extremists but community wants her identity clarified