Catholic history

In the 1600s, monks brewed beer for a liquid-only Lenten fast

To this day, the popular Paulaner brewery is quite proud of its Lent-related origins.

Marvelous astronomical clocks are hidden jewels within churches [SLIDE SHOW]

These extraordinary devices are found in churches in France.

Israeli archaeologists find an ancient Christian site described in the book of Acts

The 1500-year-old Byzantine pool might have been built in the place Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch mentioned in Acts 8.

The angelic hierarchy in images

Which are closest to God, seraphim or cherubim? Who are the powers and principalities?

3 Things you didn’t know about monastic beer

Northern European monasteries were the first ones brewing beer, unlike their peers from the south.

Christians who have given their life for Christ in 2017

Aleteia provides an overview of some recent 21st-century martyrs.

The Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus

The basilica was built over the Bethlehem cave where the Christ child was born.

The (true) legend of India’s only Catholic Queen

Begum Samru ruled over a vast and rich province in northern India in such a manner that even the British East India Company considered her a threat.

Pope Francis: Pass on the “truly rich heritage of the Latin tradition” to the young

In this year's Pontifical Academy award ceremony, the pontiff invokes St. Augustine to remind the faithful of the urgency to look to the Church's Latin roots.