Paul VI, saint of healing unborn babies, will be celebrated each May 29

The date is not his day of death, which is often chosen for saints, but the anniversary of his priestly ordination

9 Reasons Catholics oppose contraception

The Church has principled reasons for opposing contraception. We also have emotional ones.

9 Ways non-Catholics are turning against contraception

Being against the pill (and other forms of artificial contraception) is not just for Catholics anymore.

If we reconsider every life, who will be around to sell stuff to?

Sure, it's a "joke," but behind it is an insidious message about families and life

A Challenge to Planned Parenthood Grows in Idaho

Named for early suffragette, Stanton Healthcare wants to provide pro-life care for women

Mobility and the Marriage Mess

People today are on the move — and not just geographically — with disastrous consequences for marriage and family life

Contraception: Are We Seeing the End of the Ban?

Amoris Laetitia quotes Humanae Vitae, but this writer questions whether it frames the question of birth control in terms of "permitted" and "forbidden"

Holy See Rejects Abortion and Contraception as Part of UN’s “Reproductive Health” Goals

In Women's Day seminar, Cardinal Peter Turkson clarifies support for UN Sustainable Development Goals

Pope Francis on Donald Trump: “A Person Who Thinks Only About Building Walls is Not Christian”

The complete transcript of the Pope's 45-minute interview with journalists aboard the papal flight

No, Pope Benedict Would Not Support Contraceptive Use in Zika Crisis

Media quote pope emeritus out of context to support change in Church teaching

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