5 Things to try if you find the homily boring

How is a well-meaning Catholic to keep from daydreaming or nodding off if the priest isn't dazzling?

Why Mass doesn’t need to be “new and improved”

We must teach the next generation how to tend this sacred fire...

The calling of (not) St. Matthew

Matthew Weber of CatholicTV finds that life (neon sneakers and all) imitates art, even of the 16th-century variety.

Bishop Barron: What is happening at Mass?

It is an encounter with the real flesh and blood person of Christ Jesus, and it's also a dialogue, a prayer and a play.

Why do we fold our hands during prayer?

It is an ancient tradition with deep symbolism.

10 Ways to crush the morale of priests

When was the last time you heard of worship as a matter of justice?

Eucharist and remembrance: As if we had lived through it

It took a sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick, to perfectly summarize where we are when we are within the Mass.

Why do we sometimes use the Greek words “Kyrie eleison” during Mass?

These particular words express a plea for the full richness of God's mercy within our vulnerability.

What is the priest saying at Mass that you can’t hear?

Sometimes certain prayers are exchanged silently, or in low tones, between the priest and God.

How praying the Creed is like sharing a friendship charm with God

Our faith is the broken half that points us to our need for Him.

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