Pope Francis: Why we should go to Mass on Sundays and not be slaves to work

"For many people, unfortunately, Sunday Mass has lost its meaning; they think it's enough if we are good and love each other."

What does the word “Advent” mean?

It has Latin roots and a double spiritual meaning.

The boy who became a saint through simple kindness and courtesy

Say a prayer to John Berchmans today, especially for the altar servers who help Father at Mass.

Why is Sunday Mass important, anyway? The pope explains

What would you do if you were at Calvary near Jesus crucified?

3 Prayers to help foster a thankful heart

One short prayer can make all the difference.

What does the word “Eucharist” mean?

The word isn't of English origin, and has many different levels of meaning.

3 Prayers to help reduce distractions before Mass

A little preparation can go a long way.

This is the highest and most sublime prayer, says pope

Francis gives 4 necessary predispositions for achieving an encounter with the Lord who is alive and with us.

Why do some priests wear violet at funerals, while others wear white or black?

Each liturgical color emphasizes a different aspect of death.

The Apostle’s Creed: An antiseptic for our toxic times

The Creed became my go-to prayer, one to help build up my spiritual immune system.

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