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Mental Health

Many Japanese live to 100 — what’s their secret?

We can look forward to a longer life by challenging our attitudes about aging.

Opioids become one of the primary causes of death in the USA

42,249 people died in 2016 from opioid overdoses (nearly 116 per day, or 5 every hour).

Wondering if a loved one is depressed? Listen for this clue

How people speak can signal that they're struggling with depression.

The UN sounds the alarm: Record-high production of opium and cocaine

It also warns about the non-medical use of prescription medications.

In distress or suffering? These sacred words can help

This prayer, based on Psalm 143, will help bring you inner peace.

Love to argue? You might want to check your EQ

Why and how you debate can speak volumes about your emotional intelligence.

8 Hacks to fight stress and keep peace at home

To deal with the most upsetting kind of daily stress, let the saints be your guide.

Waiting for medical test results? Calm your nerves with this prayer

When we're worried, it helps to lean on God's love and power.

33 Ways to enjoy summer — and 1 way to ruin it

Lemonade tastes better if you have to make sure there is no bug in it before you drink it ...

Struggling with anxiety? This small action could yield big results

It's simple, but adjusting this one thing has helped reduce my stress level and re-prioritize my life.

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