Mental Health

How to distinguish anxiety from an anxiety disorder

Reasonable anxiety is one thing. Unreasonable or pathological anxiety is another.

5 Daily attitudes that are key to finding happiness

Happiness isn't the final goal of life; it's the way we live along the way. 

This Tweeter was sick of the negativity, so he turned it around …

Turns out, there was a lot of good that happened in 2017!

When we’re depressed or feeling blue, this prayer from Padre Pio is a way to reach out

If you find yourself in a state of darkness, the key is "to reach."

7 Ways a new mom can fight loneliness

It's normal, but we still need strategies to get through it and come out stronger on the other side.

11 Ways to beat back loneliness

Here are a few simple things you can do to make friends and bring more meaning into your life.

Time is more than money: How to manage your time in 2018

Those who use their time well, live twice.

12 Tips to get the most out of your time

Here's how to conquer time management

How one firefighter is helping to save the lives of first responders

This training goes a long way in maintaining mental health.

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