Mental Health

What it’s like to live with an invisible illness

“But you look fine,” everyone tells me, despite my six chronic conditions.

How does stress affect your brain?

Chronic stress can actually change your brain (for the worse, of course!), but there is something you can do about it.

A quick daily practice to help you be more grateful

All you need is a notebook and a few seconds.

Watch how shelter dogs are helping prison inmates rebuild their lives (VIDEO)

These at-risk dogs and prison inmates are saving each other thanks to this non-profit organization.

Yes, you can “inherit” the trauma your ancestors experienced

What you should know -- bad and good -- about this emerging scientific theory.

What a reality-TV star discovered about faith while battling bulimia

"Stress happens when we try to be our own God," says former 'Bachelor' contestant Britt Nilsson.

On your worst days, this can be a game-changer

No one's life is perfect, but the attitude you choose will make or break you.

Devoted son helps depressed 76-year-old mom take on her adventurous bucket list

He's making a documentary to show how these adventures have enriched his mother's life.

11 Ways to make a bad day better

No matter how badly things are going, these tips can help change things around.

This woman has found the secret to happiness, and it has nothing to do with having “a perfect life”

Interview with Meme Alsina, a tetraplegic with a degree in library science.

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