Mental Health

3 Fun activities this fall for guys

Plan time with friends before it gets too cold for outdoor gatherings, and enjoy the wonder of God's creation.

New ministry brings hope and healing to adults with divorced parents

Life-Giving Wounds gives a voice, community support, and experienced guidance through unique online retreat.

Do you suffer from mental blocks?

Here's the science behind mental paralysis, and what you can do about it.

Saints who confronted suicidal thoughts

Mental illness does not mean a lack of holiness, as these saints' lives richly attest.

New devotional brings hope and healing to survivors of abuse

After meeting Pope Benedict XVI, a woman who suffered clerical abuse was inspired to help other survivors find peace and freedom.

‘Words on Bathroom Walls’: Must-see movie of 2020

The movie theaters are opening, and here's a worthy reason to go.

Centuries later, St. Dymphna still inspires this extraordinary program for people with mental illness

The "family foster care" model inspired by the martyred Irish princess is now seen as the gold standard in psychiatric care.

How to ask for help in difficult times (and why you should)

It's hard to admit we don't have it all together, but doing so is a virtue.

Living with depression: How to help your partner and your family

Some tips for how to accompany your depressed loved one on the road treatment.

3 Dos and don’ts for talking to your kids about fear during a pandemic

Here are some ways to help ease the stress in your kids, instead of exacerbating it.

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