Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI’s secretary says health of pope emeritus not of ‘particular concern’

Gänswein assures that face infection is "painful but not serious."

Pope Emeritus battling a skin infection

Biographer reports that his voice is frail, though his mind is sharp and he is feeling optimistic.

Benedict XVI praises an arrangement of Bach that relates life of Christ

Pope emeritus offers profound reflection on role of faith in culture.

‘For all that you have done, suffered, and given me’: Benedict’s farewell to his brother

Longtime secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, reads Benedict's words at funeral Mass for Georg Ratzinger in Regensburg

Francis offers condolences to Benedict XVI upon death of his older brother

Francis notes Benedict XVI's consideration in informing him of the news first.

Brother of Benedict XVI passes away in Regensburg at age 96

He had just celebrated his 69th anniversary as a priest.

Benedict XVI safely back home in Vatican

Pope Emeritus went to his homeland to visit his ailing 96-year-old brother.

Benedict XVI to return to Vatican on Monday

After four days with his ailing brother, the pope emeritus will be back home in Rome.

Benedict XVI travels to Germany to visit ailing brother

Pope Emeritus in Regensburg with Georg Ratzinger, 96

Benedict given copy of Seewald’s new biography of him as birthday present

The first portion of the biography is expected in English in November.

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