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Practicing Mercy

Great-grandma reaps the rewards of welcoming strangers into her home

Her act of kindness shows the importance of taking a leap of faith, and saying yes.

Why you should offer your seat to others (even if they bite your head off)

Fear of social resentment and new gender norms are getting in the way of simple human kindness.

Police officer comes to the rescue of homeless man on his way to a job interview

The man needed help with his razor so he could shave, but Officer Carlson went one step further ...

Called to mercy, one woman finds the grace to forgive her assailants

A Nigerian Christian who survived a horrifying terrorist attack offers example of loving forgiveness.

Ambulance crew’s faith in humanity restored after random act of kindness

An anonymous donation during a harrowing shift is a great reminder to look out for others.

The billboard in Florida that’s helping save lives

This man could be advertising his own business; instead he uplifts and inspires people.

9 Things all caregivers should do … for themselves

Sneak these nine little things into your day and you'll be more energized.

Teacher battling cancer gets amazing gift of mercy for back-to-school

In an extraordinary act of kindness, local teachers donate 100 days of sick leave so Robert Goodman can focus on healing.

The hairdresser who serves kids with sensory processing disorders

With a little patience and flexibility, this hairdresser found a way to get the job done.

When a flight crew couldn’t communicate with a passenger, a 15-year-old girl stepped up (Video)

An airline passenger who is blind and deaf received the help he needed from a skilled and compassionate teen.

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