Practicing Mercy

The amazing way dogs can save people from life-threatening seizures

Janaye's dog "Colt" is a lot more to her than a companion.

The incredible story of how a disabled Army vet became a Harvard Medical School student

From one uniform to another, his new life is just beginning.

What is the one way in which life is actually fair?

It's the thing that, if we allow it to, teaches us mercy for others.

How pizza was a saving grace during Hurricane Harvey

"When I heard there were families in need, I knew we needed to act fast."

Why meeting a heroin addict changes how we think about addiction

By showing the faces and stories of addiction, the Cincinnati Enquirer encourages compassion as part of the solution.

These 10-year-olds build houses for homeless vets (VIDEO)

Elvis Summers builds tiny houses for those without homes and now he's passing on the skills.

“I was made for Love and the name it gave me” (VIDEO)

Powerful suicide prevention video focuses on life, not death.

A priest in an ambulance is out to resuscitate your faith

Fr. Michael is bringing people back to the Church in an unconventional way.

Disabled Army veteran tells 5-year-old why she is his hero (VIDEO)

And the conversation between Simon Brown and little Temperance Pattinson is heartbreakingly sweet.

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