How St. Kateri led many Native Americans to Jesus Christ

After her death many Native Americans were inspired by Kateri's example and embraced the Gospel.

6 Ways other countries around the world celebrate their thanksgiving

From Vietnam to Israel, discover the traditional festivals of thanks these countries celebrate.

Thanksgiving and Eucharist mean the same thing

The word used for the Catholic Mass and sacrament have a special meaning, not just for one holiday.

Begin your day with this prayer of thanksgiving

It's a new day! Thank God for such a wonderful gift!

Science proves that showing gratitude makes us happier

The many benefits of feeling thankful.

Squanto, central figure in Thanksgiving story, may have been baptized Catholic

The Wampanoag was saved by Franciscans from the slave trade in Spain.

8 Quotes from Scripture to inspire your Thanksgiving Day

Placing God at the heart of your celebration will make it even more special.

Matt Maher’s perfect song for Thanksgiving

Moving beyond "Over the River and Through the Woods."

Increase your gratitude with this meditation

An essential part of Christian living is to have a healthy spirit of thanksgiving for all the gifts God has given us.

How humility leads to a spirit of thanksgiving, according to St. Vincent de Paul

Gratitude comes easily when pride is no longer in the way.

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