The coronavirus hits an already suffering Venezuela

A doctor working in one of the main hospitals in the country says that “the Venezuelan hospital system is not ready for the great emergency that could result."

A young priest in Venezuela: “They cannot take away our dignity”

Angel Colmenares and his community cannot but suffer the crisis the country is going through, but Aid to the Church in Need supports them. This is his testimony.

Is there hope for Venezuela?: An interview with Cardinal Baltasar Porras

"The public and private institutions have been destroyed, and the only institution remaining is the Church."

Venezuelan priest uses Instagram fame to engage his people

Father Luis Antonio Salazar stands with his congregation in the streets during times of political uncertainty.

Venezuelan Catholic church attacked by National Guard, bishop says

Forty members of the military reportedly set off tear gas in the church as Mass was concluding.

In Venezuela, a doctor laments: “We are simply watching people die”

A shortage of food and medicine has brought the situation in the country to a state of emergency.

Catholic charity in Colombia reports surge in suicide attempts among Venezuelan refugees

Malteser International had a medical team in place for indigenous Colombians, but the crisis next door is overwhelming them.

Venezuela: 5 million people will be displaced by the end of 2019

The shocking numbers are unprecedented in Latin American history.

No end in sight for the exodus from Venezuela

It's estimated that at least 2.3 million Venezuelans have left their country.

An inside look at Venezuela: Bishops bring in-depth report to pope and curia

Forced displacement of people, naturally including catechists, keeps the country and the Church struggling.

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