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World War II

A powerful message about hate from a Holocaust survivor

Eva shared her experiences in two concentration camps for Holocaust Memorial Day this year.

How the real “Rosie the Riveter” reclaimed her identity

Due to the Woozle effect, Naomi Parker nearly didn't discover her claim to fame.

En route to Chile, pope gives press this pic. Says, “I’m truly afraid”

"The fruits of war" is the chilling message accompany the tragic photo of a Japanese boy and his dead brother

Moving reunion: Holocaust survivor meets his nephew for the first time (VIDEO)

He thought that his whole family had died in WWII, but someone else had escaped ...

Michael I, former king of Romania dies at 96

One of the last surviving WWII leaders who fought communism and fascism his entire life

A powerful exhortation from FDR in a WWII Bible given to soldiers

Roosevelt encouraged his soldiers to read the Bible and find strength in its pages.

The Jewish plumber who interrupted a 20,000-person Nazi rally in NYC

A recently released film shows the 26-year-old storming the stage at Madison Square Garden.

Witold Pilecki: The man who volunteered to be imprisoned at Auschwitz

Leaving behind everything he loved on earth, he "entered something seemingly no longer of it.”

3 Incredible acts of forgiveness from a survivor of Mengele’s twin experiments

Eva Mozes has been heavily criticized for forgiving what others find unforgivable, but she doesn't regret it.

How two Polish doctors outsmarted the Nazis by engineering a fake typhus outbreak

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is searching for survivors or their relatives to document this incredible story

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