World War II

WWII veteran keeps a 73-year promise and the moving moment is caught on video

Marvin Strombo's gesture proved that he is a true war hero.

U.S. Catholic bishops issue call on 75th anniversary of Hiroshima

Work to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, Archbishop Gomez pleads.

How the Maltese Cross helped refugees in WWII

Citizens of Malta painted the crosses on the front of their homes as a show of support and a pledge of service to refugees.

D-Day anniversary, in year of pandemic, sees few on hand to remember

Those remembering key battle of World War II now fight invisible enemy.

At the end of the Nazi occupation of Poland, the future Pope John Paul II saved a young girl’s life

He carried her for three kilometers. If not for him, she would have died of cold and hunger.

Military chaplains served the ones who served

Tales of heroism, self-giving and compassion abound in accounts from two world wars.

The strange account of the day “angels” saved British troops during WWI

Was it St. George? St. Michael? Multiple accounts testified to a heavenly host on the fields of France in August 1914.

Hitler’s propaganda efforts were met with strong resistance from Vatican Radio

Nazi jamming was sometimes so bad that Vatican Radio had to change frequencies.

What the Catholic Church did during the Holocaust is subject of UN panel

Pope Pius XII's actions to help persecuted Jews speak far louder than his alleged "silence," experts say.

First he saved Jews during the war, then lepers in Uganda: Meet Fr. Ambrosili

His intercession led to the miraculous healing of a 20-year-old woman with septicemia and he will soon be beatified.

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