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How Ferrero Rocher chocolates were inspired by the Virgin Mary

The popular chocolate and hazelnut treats were named after the Rocher de Massabielle, the site of the Marian apparition in Lourdes.

5 Ways Jesus Dealt With Difficult People

Jesus asked questions, was not defensive, and knew when to ignore something.

What Is the Difference Between a Friar, a Monk and a Priest?

Their priesthoods are equivalent, but their vocations are not exactly alike

The Veiled Christ: The Miracle of Transparent Marble

One of the most remarkable sculptures in the world is also the stuff of legend.

What is the best edition of the Bible for Catholics?

There are dozens of translations of the Bible into English, none of which are perfect.

You can become an expert in Catholic institutional communications, in four online sessions

These digital seminars in English about communication for universities, ecclesial institutions, and social organizations will take place daily from June 15 to 18, from 4pm to 6pm CEST (9am to 11am …

The 5 “C” reasons people stay Catholic

... and why all but one of them are not compelling enough.

New Chinese law will require churches to promote “the values of socialism”

"Religious organizations must spread the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party," new regs say.

New list of UNESCO “intangible” cultural practices include Catholic traditions

Dances in honor of the Christ Child, Holy Week processions and a forgiveness ceremony inspired by a pope are some of the newly recognized practices.

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