How to become a homeschooler in 12 easy steps

As you dive into educating your children at home, keep these tips in mind and you'll gain confidence and success.

Brave teen saves mom and her 3 kids from burning car

Disregarding his own safety, Justin Gavin courageously did what had to be done.

The ABCs of giving your kids an allowance

When should you start giving money to your children, how often and how much?

How to visit a museum with your children without boring them

Some helpful advice for organizing enriching and enjoyable visits to see art with your children. 

5-year-old boy calls the police and saves his mother from a diabetic coma

He had never made a phone call before, but his quick thinking made all the difference.

Tips for reading the Bible to children at bedtime

Children love stories and some of the best are in the Sacred Scriptures.

6 Blessings of being a middle child

From a totally unbiased fifth sibling of nine.

She died at 12 and is already known as the Little Cajun Saint

People quickly claimed that the prayers of little Charlene Richard were bringing about miracles.

What would you do if you discovered a 12-year-old stealing from your car?

We can all be inspired by Coach Bohannon’s actions.

Meet the incredible 11-year-old artist whose work is gaining global renown

Inspired by Michelangelo, Kareem Waris captures the reality of life in his work.

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