3 Things a child will teach you

We should never tire of seeking to "become like children" in these ways.

10 Essential manners for today’s child

Children benefit when old-fashioned manners are combined with modern etiquette.

How to manage morning prayer with your children

Here's a recipe for success when it comes to getting the morning started off right with your kids.

Children bring hope to Notre Dame cathedral with memorable artwork

Aleteia was present for the inauguration of an impressive art exhibition, as well as the blessing of the statue of the Virgin of Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Amputee 5-year-old raises nearly half a million dollars for British health service

Inspired by the 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore, Tony Hudgell is determined to show his gratitude to those who saved his life.

The child who helps and protects other children from COVID-19

A little boy in Mexico City was concerned about homeless children during the pandemic, so he took action to help.

9 Things to challenge your teen to accomplish this summer

Here's how your teenager can have a meaningful vacation.

How two teens created a national volunteer group by shopping for their grandparents

Teens Helping Seniors is a wonderful volunteer service of youngsters caring for the vulnerable in their community.

Ocean of Mercy: A virtual Catholic conference for kids

The online Catholic children's retreat will feature such beloved characters as Brother Francis, Lukas Storyteller and EWTN's TomKin!

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