Coptic Christians

Everything concerning the life of Coptic Christians: saints, traditions, liturgy, persecution, and current affairs.

Built by Coptic garbage collectors, the church of St. Simon is the largest in the Middle East

It's the result of the efforts of a sector of the Coptic Christian community in Egypt.

Ostriches have a special place in African Christian monastic symbolism

Coptic Egyptian monks saw the ostrich, considered a symbol of stupidity in various parts of the ancient world, in a radically different way.

Imam foils bomb attack against Coptic church in Egypt

Christmastime attack could have devastated Cairo Christians, but a Muslim man stepped in.

Coptic Christians reportedly nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Group said to be named for their refusal to retaliate for violence committed against them.

Egyptian security forces thwart bombing of Christian church

The alleged militant killed himself after not being able to get inside the Coptic church.

Two monks detained in case of Coptic bishop’s murder in Egypt

One was under investigation for breaking rules of monasticism

Early Qur’an manuscript found to be written over the Bible

Behind the Arabic script, evidence of Coptic lettering from the Old Testament.

Climbing a 400-meters-tall cliff to get baptized in Ethiopia

Dawit is now 40 days old. And it’s time for his baptism.

These Christian monasteries are the oldest in the world

And one of them has been continuously inhabited by monks since its foundation.

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