No More Happy New Years?

How can Christians celebrate when the worst happens?

The Good Shepherd One Pew Up

How one good father, by his very presence at Mass, gave strength to parents he didn’t even know

Christmas Without Her: A Message to My Grieving Self

After a death, every one of life’s landmarks, each anniversary and holiday, is met with anxious anticipation

The Four Last Things

"Hell Is the Everlasting Boredom of Those Who Reject Love"

10 Things I’ve Learned from My Child’s Death

A list for life, born from the experience of death

Should we be angry with the dead?

Real grief, false comfort and authentic Christian hope.

Mister Jimmy, Homeless but for Heaven

After the death of his wife, he spent days and nights on the bench in front of the parish of St. Pius V and said, "God bless you ..."

Gratitude at the Deathbed

Getting to say good-bye to my parents in the way I did is one of my life's greatest blessings

Bright Sorrows and Holy Souls: Leaves of November

So many souls, like leaves on a tree, flutter through this life

Sickness as a Harbinger of Death

"I am reminded that there is no one and nothing in this world I can hold onto indefinitely in this life"

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