What my dying friend is teaching everyone around her about faith

Her luminous witness of a peaceful spirit despite real and ever present danger has directed the attention of everyone around her to the Divine Physician

My sister died, and I have no lessons but that God stays with us

I saw both my parents die, and this was infinitely worse

Seriously… how can death be “unexpected”?

The decisive question before us is not “How shall I prepare for death?” but “How shall I prepare for eternity?”

Reduced to prayer at wistful memory

When colorful characters go missing in our lives, we glimpse the dimmer plain

Who smiles like this near the moment of death?

Sister Cecilia, of the Carmel of Santa Fe in Argentina, witnessed to her love for Christ in her struggle with lung cancer

The Geeks Can’t Defeat Death

The secularist can only wish for more life, but it’s no way to live, hoping not to die

That Damn Box

At the time when most parents are getting the baby's new room ready, we were meeting with a cemetery

A Lent of increasing, kindly light

As women of a certain age, we’ve come to embrace our mortality as we rise to our eternity

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