Ireland begins considering assisted suicide law

Bishop calls the practice unnecessary in time of advances in palliative care.

Church in Ireland facing existential crisis due to pandemic

Public health emergency "may well send decline spiraling out of control," priest warns.

This 94-year-old’s beautiful rendition of a classic Irish song will make you smile

An Irish-Canadian's version of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" impresses the internet!

12 Popular Irish sayings to make you smile, reflect, and be grateful

Bring the traditions of Eire to your daily life.

St. Patrick’s High Cross is a beautiful Irish Catholic mystery

With no records and time-worn images, experts are left to speculate on the ancient artwork.

Unveiling the mystery of the “High Crosses of Ireland”

A new book sheds light on some of the most beloved Catholic artifacts of Ireland.

Will Ireland bring back Mass rocks to fight coronavirus?

These remembrances of persecution could become more than a testament to past bravery.

Retired doctor walks Camino pilgrimage in own driveway, raises $15,000

This is an excellent way to stay healthy and reverent in isolation.

An Irish blessing in the time of pandemic

Rector of the shrine of Knock goes house to house to bring hope to stranded Catholics.

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