United Kingdom

Groundbreaking analysis identifies the makers of Stonehenge

New technology and know-how suggests that the builders of Stonehenge were Welsh.

This is the UK’s first Trappist beer

Leicestershire Abbey will be the first to officially brew Trappist beers in the United Kingdom.

British woman jailed for forcing teen daughter to marry in Pakistan

The conviction is only the second successful prosecution under the 2014 UK law against forced marriage.

30,000 British Catholics form a living Rosary on the Coast

See photos from the event that became the largest gathering of UK Catholics since Pope Benedict XVI's 2010 visit.

Meet the members of the public invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding

The couple decided to extend invitations to people doing inspiring things for others.

Meghan Markle baptized and confirmed in private chapel

The water used at the ceremony was reportedly from the Jordan River.

UK Prime Minister chooses Catholic Church in Florence to deliver Brexit speech

Theresa May kickstarted Brexit negotiations in a speech presented at the historic Santa Maria Novella church.

Terror attack: Improvised explosive in the London Tube

Police are still hunting for the person responsible for injuring 22