American priest continues mission of “Healing Without Borders” in North Korea

Based in Seoul since 1960, Fr. Hammond crosses the border twice a year to a place where people don't know what a priest is.

North and South Korea make historic peace agreement

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in agree to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Ordinations in South Korea

Photo of the Day: November 13, 2017

How Korea evangelized itself

Though there was only one priest in all of Korea for the first 50 years of Christianity, Yi Byeok and his companions helped spread the faith that thrives today.

“The Drop Box”: Film Celebrates Life, Converts Hearts

The story of a refuge for abandoned babies in Korea and inspiring pastor who made it happen

The Comfort Women of Korea: What Difference Did the Pope Make?

A papal visit to Japan will pressure Tokyo to settle longstanding issue.

What About the Other Korea, the One the Pope Didn’t Visit?

While the Pope brought light to South Korea, the North remains shrouded in darkness.

Francis the Missionary

The pope's apostolic visit to Korea draws upon the rich tradition of Jesuit missions to the Far East.

Francis Reflects on Family Tragedy, Journey to Korea

In first general audience since Asia trip, Pontiff thanks world for prayers.

The Korean Martyrs and the Power of Lay Witness

The throngs who greeted Pope Francis in Korea are testimony to the power of the laity to spread the Faith.

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