How can we as Church do better on suicide?

We might think we're among the compassionate ones. But are we really?

Widowed with children: how a young soccer star has coped

A recent BBC documentary takes a look at Rio Ferdinand's personal story and the toll grief takes on young widowers.

Mom reminds us of the importance of child car safety in heartbreaking post (VIDEO)

With car accidents being the number one child killer, a must-read for any parent.

Why are some saints depicted with skulls next to them?

It seems strange and morbid - well, that's exactly the point.

Plants, cards, meals? There’s an even better way to express condolences

If we want to give something that the departed can truly appreciate, there's only one real choice.

When God’s timing seems just awful

It's hard to trust Him when too many things are falling apart at once, and yet, He's got this.

Why you should organize a reception for loved ones after a funeral

A family table can become a sign of our Christian hope that one day we'll meet again at another feast.

Victim’s family buys flight for daughter of man on death row

An incredible act of forgiveness and compassion brings two families together on a very somber day.

“Month’s Mind Mass”: Honoring the departed a month later

Catholics know death is a beginning more than an end, and this Mass is a reminder of that.

A fast take on ‘Speaking of the Dead’ with Russell Saltzman

"Death is the penalty for being human, our reality," and if we can't be blunt about it, we shortchange our understanding.

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