10 Tips for a daughter stepping out into the adult world

As your 18-year-old-plus daughter spreads her wings, arm her with these helpful pointers.

Franciscan University to host live virtual conferences for youth and adults

The event will offer an interactive stream to make the experience more authentic.

New young adult group holds first national conference online, addressing the need for hope

Crossroads 4 Christ saw the pandemic dash its hopes for first major gathering. What happened next surprised everybody.

Meet a 19-year-old boy of heroic virtue

Matteo Farina had a special devotion to Padre Pio, who told him in a dream that the secret to happiness is avoiding sin.

Catholic messages on skateboards? Yes, and the results are stunning

Denver company shines a light into the skater world with their cool Catholic skateboards and snowboards.

14-year-old Catholic student is a prodigious composer

This kid could be writing music through most of the 21st century.

If Gen Z has no idea who they are, show them

The phenomenon of "self-identifying" isn't a laughing matter. Consider where identity comes from and why our youth can't find it.

Catholic student organization begins 2020 with clear focus on evangelization

Student Leadership Summit brings together 8,500 young missionaries.

Meet the 15-year-old who is composing music for the Catholic Church

Continuing the great tradition of liturgical Mass settings.

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