God’s freeing answer to “Who am I?”

This question is more pressing than it used to be, and is in fact, a major stressor in our lives.

What will make people more likely to accept the “truthiness” of truth?

Just speaking the truth isn't enough. Aristotle has a helpful insight.

The difference between the secular and the Catholic view of the human person

University of Notre Dame professor Carter Snead explains the basis -- and the implications -- of one’s view of human nature.

Getty Trust makes big investment to save world’s archaeological treasures

"This work must start now, before more cultural heritage is neglected, damaged, or destroyed," says foundation's leader.

Artificial intelligence and the renewed relevance of philosophy

Current signs are pointing to a time in which philosophy will again prove crucial in the shaping of public opinion.

Why is the Beast the only character in the Bible to have a number and not a name?

Some explanations from traditional biblical hermeneutics shed light on the matter, as do Pope Benedict’s thoughts on recent history and current events.

Medieval Lent was harder than you think

Would you mind breaking your fast at evening, rather than giving up chocolate?

What did Zygmunt Bauman and Pope Francis talk about in their only private meeting?

Bauman to the pope: "You are light at the end of the tunnel of globalization."

10 science-proven facts that will help you be optimistic about the future

We are living at the best moment of our collective history, says hard data.

Medievalists rebuild lost parts of St. Valentine’s biography

Overlooked for centuries, the relationship between this saint’s feast and an ancient Roman festival was noted by Shakespeare.

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