A Holocaust love story … and an incredible rediscovery 39 years later

 Jerzy and Cyla fell in love behind the barbed wire of Auschwitz and then managed to escape.

South Florida massacre raises 2018 national death toll of school shootings to 23

Until now, the news was that people were getting used to frequent school-related uses of firearms

Baltimore goes 11 days without a homicide

A community-led “ceasefire” coincided with the lull in violence

Shootings on or near campuses claim five lives so far this year

For families of those killed, it might as well be Columbine or Newtown

Much of eastern US affected by bomb cyclone

At least a dozen deaths, thousands without power, snow for first time in parts of the South

Why does suffering seem so unevenly distributed, God? Why is my cross so heavy?

If we all must suffer, why do some get served giant monsoons of suffering, while others seem to get comparative drizzles?

Yemen now has 1 million suspected cases of cholera

Continuing proxy war, blockade add to misery for population

Multiple fatalities reported in Amtrak derailment in Washington

Early morning incident sends 77 people to hospital

Joyful sadness: More than a day, Christmas is a state of mind

If you are mourning someone this year, don't feel bad if your spirituality can't quite catch up to your humanity.

Typhoon leaves 32 fishermen dead in India, hundreds remain missing

Thousands forced to relocate from predominately Catholic coastal communities