Sunday Lessons

Thank God the Father (and your dad too) for these 4 gifts

This Sunday's readings give us insight on the Trinity, and it's a perfect day for it.

This June, let’s spread the image of Christ’s love

Let’s bless the internet by spreading the image of the Sacred Heart far and wide.

The two powerful ways the Holy Spirit comes to meet you

Welcome him today. Both ways bring his peace.

Ascension paradox: Why we needed Jesus to leave, and why He needed to stay

Nearly everything we know about God, incarnate in Jesus Christ, is paradoxical.

Why Jesus created a Church, and not just a Bible

This Sunday, we hear about the first Christians, see ourselves today, and envision what we will one day be.

Yes, it is possible to love like God. Here’s how

Christ's command to love others as He loves us actually contains an implicit promise about what He is committed to doing for us

Jesus’ simple message: You belong with me

It is hard to exaggerate how enormously significant it is for us that the Second Person of the Trinity, the Lord and King of the Universe, says this.

Peter meets the God of 2nd chances. So do we

This Sunday, we can consider what our life should be like after meeting the Risen Christ

How Jesus is more accessible now than he was in Palestine

He is back from death to reclaim what is his

10 Reasons we know Christ rose from the dead

At Easter we don’t celebrate a myth or a great psychological symbol. We celebrate a historical event.