Autistic artist designs socially responsible clothing line

In a stunning example of inclusion, Jaime Martinez's family has found a way to support him in pursuing opportunities.

Meet “Autism With Attitude” — the dance group celebrating differences

These talented youngsters show how dance can really change lives.

Hairdressers who go to incredible lengths for their clients with autism

One empathetic stylist, Donncha O'Connell, gets into tight spaces to serve one of his customers.

How I’m dealing with my child’s recent autism diagnosis

"As a parent, if you think something isn't quite right with your child, follow your gut."

Heartwarming photo of elementary schoolboys is a lesson for us all

The now viral photo shows how one small gesture can make all the difference.

Classmates of an autistic boy amaze everyone at his graduation

Jack Higgins' peers made an unusual gesture of support.

The incredible story behind the boy who shouted “wow” after hearing Mozart

Ronan Mattin's unique response to music is a very touching story.

New program helps people with disabilities practice being in airports

"Wings for Autism" is a life-changing success for many families.

Grocery store worker creates a “miracle in action” with his act of kindness

Jordan Taylor unwittingly changed his own future while looking out for an autistic teen.

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